We make websites and apps

Our clients are industrial and financial companies. Through our long tradition of working with the international B2B sector we understand your needs and we aim to be a great partner in expanding your business. We don’t waste your time. You are hiring us to do the job for you, while you keep developing your business.

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The Websites


Our specialty are presentation and brand websites for international companies. Projects like a new company website, a microsite for your cutting-edge product or an educational front page for your state-of-the-art banking system are what we do every day.

We are not here to take attention away from your message or product. We emphasize it and help you spread it. Through our work with a large portfolio of clients from all around the world - from the Caribbean through North America, Nordic countries, Central Europe and all the way to the Middle East and South East Asia - we know we can create the best experience possible.

We implement different language mutations while taking into account cultural needs and accomodating media content. By using dedicated servers around the world we guarantee speed and uptime for your visitors, even if they access from the most remote parts of the world.

The Apps


If you are an engineering company, you surely have a strong need for perfect offline presentations. You use them either with your sales force or at trade shows. We create interactive tablet presentations so that you can show your potential clients everything they need to know before they make a purchase.

By using a powerful offline media device we work with complex 3D models of your products, interactive visualizations, AR, VR, and more. These apps can also be connected to an external display so that your sales pitches gain a lot more momentum. We can even provide an interactive hologram screen, which can push your presentations even further.

The Process


We are experts in our field and you are experts in yours. We realize that your hours are much better spent doing what you do best.

We pride ourselves in being as helpful as possible during the whole process and take as much work off your hands as we can. All we need is some of your time at the beginning of the process to understand your specific needs, conduct an analysis of the project and suggest the best way forward.

Our clients